Marketing Campaign Analysis (Radio)

Title: Her Man Can Do It

Company: Hermann Services

Description: This radio uses humor and a play on words to promoter Herrmann Service. It features a woman, Audrey, and a narrator who continuously says “her man” can fix problems around the house instead of Herrmann. When she tries to correct the narrator and state her man can’t fix these things, he continues to point out problems “her man” can fix.

Objective: The objective was to inform the public that Herrmann Services can fix an assortment of problems around a household. This type of marketing is hard to measure based on an ad but it is effective.

Target Market: The market was home owners, married couples and/or adults in general.

Action: They provide a number to call if people ever need their services. The viewer benefits by solving any issue around the house. 

Value Proposition: Herrmann Services is quick and easy to call for home repair.

Title: Take on Car Hassles

Company: Nissan

Description: This ad is promoting the Nissan Leaf. This radio ad is only 13 seconds, but I like it because it’s clear and concise. It gets straight to the point by asking: “Are you tired of paying high gas prices?” then states “Drive a Nissan Leaf” since it’s electric and doesn’t need gas. It doesn’t use humor or anything special, but it gets straight to the point.

Objective: The objective was to state a problem and offer the solution of driving a Nissan Leaf. 

Target Market: Any adult who can drive

Action: “Tap a banner” to get more car information

Value Proposition:People who drive a Nissan Leaf don’t have to worry about going to the gas station and paying high gas prices.

Title: Watches

Company: Zippo

Description: This ad is promoting Zippo watches and fragrances. It features a narrator, watch ticks and fragrance spritz. The watch tiks started the commercial and the deep voiced narrator stated “More than lighters, we do watches too. Get one”. Then, you hear the sound of perfume and the narrator states “More than lighters, we also do fragrances. Get one”. What seems like a very elementary concept may attract customers because of its clarity.

Objective: This purpose was to inform customers about two new product lines they’re offering, watches and fragrances. This is definitely attainable.

Target Market: Adults – based off the narrator’s deep and mature voice.

Action: The urge you to “Get one, at”.

Value Proposition: This ad was more to inform people of the new products, but a potential value proposition could be that owning a Zippo watch or fragrance is “bad ass”.

Title: Pizza Hut – World Cup

Company: Pizza Hut

Description: This chaotic, World Cup soccer themed Pizza Hut commercial serves to correlate the two. It uses symbolic benefits positioning to describe Pizza Hut as the official pizza service of the World Cup. It features a loud, comedic sports commentator and soccer team stating and chanting the limited offer.

Objective: The objective is to sell more pizzas which is measurable. The offer is time sensitive.

Target Market: Young Adults who watch soccer

Action: The ad wants the viewer to buy 2 medium-sized supreme pizzas to get the limited-time Soccer offer. Gives the listener a number to call to order.

Value Proposition: The customer will get a soccer ball and 4 cans of pepsi for free if they order 2 medium pizzas during this time.

Title: Get Some Nuts

Company: Snickers

Description: This ad features Mr T to promote the Snicker-referenced phrase “Get Some Nuts”. It is jokingly motivated by masculinity and features Mr. T urging a guy to be tough and “get some nuts”. It uses humor as a play on words to promote the chocolate bar with peanuts in it.

Objective: The main objective is to get people to buy more of their main existing product, Snickers chocolate bars. 

Target Market: Tough people, specifically men

Action: Mr. T gives specific instructions urging listers to “Buy Snickers. Remove Wrapper. Bite Chocolate and get some nuts.”. Gives a website at the end for more promotion.

Value Proposition: Tough people eat snickers.

9 thoughts on “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Radio)

  1. Ryan,

    Good choice of ads and I like how you set up your information for your analysis. You chose a good range of different types of commercials, from comedic to straight informational. It is interesting how simply changing the delivery method changes how the customer perceives and retains the information presented. I enjoy a commercial that adds humor because, for me, this is the most unique method. For example, after listening to your five ads, the Hermann and Mr. T commercial was by far the most entertaining and unforgettable.



  2. Ryan,

    Nice job with your analysis. I enjoyed listening to the ads you picked to analyze. I thought you were pretty spot on with your breakdown of the ads, who the intended audiences were, and the effectiveness of each ad. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi Ryan,

    I enjoyed your value proposition for the snickers ad. Simple and to the point. What did you think of the ads overall? Did you have a favorite or ad you thought was most effective? Any issues with the ads? The assignment didn’t seem to offer much room for critical analysis, but I can’t help wonder what everyone else is thinking of the ads. I wonder as we move through the course if we will all move away from just posting the facts and move towards a more thoughtful analysis comparing the different versions of ads that each company puts out.

    Looking forward to following along with your posts this block!

    Brian G.


  4. Ryan,
    I like your layout of the campaign ads. I believe my favorite is Mr. T. I grew up watching him, so of course seeing him takes me back. I also feel humor is the best way to catch my attention personally and the ones that pull at your heart strings. Companies only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of the consumer. I feel these commercials did that and kept me intrigued.


  5. Hey Ryan,
    Good marketing analysis.
    I actually did an analysis on the Herrmann Services commercial as well. I really do think that one is hilarious.
    I was personally not interested in the Nissan Leaf ad. I think you can elaborate on the target market as adults who drive and have interest in electric cars or fuel alternatives.
    I agree Zippo is pretty cool they have a very strong brand name and I did not know about the watches and fragrances. I am actually curious what fragrances they have considering they are known for lighters lol.
    I like that you described the Pizza Hut ad as chaotic. I felt the same way but I guess that increased the urgency to buy the pizzas!
    The snickers ad is very masculine. I have never heard of their slogan “Get some nuts”. Is that new?


  6. Hello Ryan,

    Great job on your analysis! I think you hit the hammer on the nail on all of the analysis. All the ads you picked were exciting the listen to and very interesting. Especially the snicker ad including Mr. T (personally my favorite ad from the one you picked). I always remember the phrase ” get some nuts” always makes me want to go out and buy snickers. Good job!


  7. Hello Ryan,

    You did a very great job on your analysis and I enjoyed your selection as well. I agree with your analysis on the Pizza Hut World Cup ad. Having a food business ad to correlate with a huge event is amazing. The ad gives the listener a great deal on a meal that would be “perfect” for watching a large scale sports event, especially if the consumer plans on having a gathering during the World Cup. Thank you for sharing you analysis on radio ads and look forward to more.



  8. Hey Ryan,

    I enjoyed your analysis; I learned something new about Zippo Lighters; when I first heard the sound, the first thing I thought of was your classic Zippo lighter case opening and shutting, but it also ties the tempo of a clock ticking; as well, I didn’t know they make fragrances, very interesting, I’d say for me this was a very educating ad that taught me about products I would have never thought Zippo offered.


    Stokes Warren


  9. Ryan,

    I found the Hermann ad really funny and it stood out to me among those you chose. I think the play on words was an effective attention grabber. I also had no idea Zippo did watches and fragrances… that seems like such a leap from lighters and it really blew my mind! It makes me want to investigate and see what these offerings look like.



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