Marketing Campaign Analysis (TV)

Title: Dream Crazy

Company: Nike

Description: This is by far one of my favorite commercials of all time and I remember the day it was released. It is narrated by Colin Kaepernick which was a statement back in 2018 alone. The ad shows athletes who defied odds by having disabilities or having a rough childhood and showing them do amazing things in their sport. The main message urges people to dream bigger. It shows different people playing sports but barely puts emphasis on an individual product or the brand.

Objective: The main goal was to affect awareness. It shows viewers that Nike is in support of people with disabilities and dreamers.

Target Market: Mainly kids and young adults that play sports

Action: There was no specific call to actions other than promoting the brand.

Value Proposition: The main message Nike sent was motivation and believing in yourself to do great things. If one shops with Nike, maybe one day he or she can be like the athletes shown in this commercial.

Title: First Shave 

Company: Gillette

Description: This is a feel-good commercial featuring a newly transitioned young man and his father. He talks about his confusion with life as an adolescent and how happy he is to be able to shave as a man. In the next scene his father is showing him step-by-step how to shave and they are having a warm father-son moment. They don’t say the word “Gillette” or show the logo until the very end. This ad attacks the viewer’s pathos since it is embedded with love.

Objective: The objective of this commercial was to illustrate the importance of the first time shaving and to inform viewers “Gillette is the best a man can get”.

Target Market: Men of all ages (father and son)

Action: There were no call to actions, but the ad gave viewers the perception that Gillette is the best.

Value Proposition: Customers are shaving with a company who is an LGBTQ supporter and deems themselves as the “best a man can get”.

Title: Kim Jung Gi

Company: Comcast

Description: This ad features an Asian artist sketching Asian Americans doing amazing things in America. His drawing has Asian movie directors, doctors, engineers, astronauts, etc. This ad puts a major emphasis on diversity which is important in times like these where racial injustices are prominent. 

Objective: The goal of this ad was to highlight Asian American creators and help dismantle prejudices between our cultures. It shows that Comcast is an ally.

Target Market: Everyone, specifically adult who deal with choosing cable providers

Action: Gives a website for more information

Value Proposition: The comcast service allows you to access entertainment from many different markets and cultures.

Title: Go Back to Africa

Company: Black & Abroad

Description: This commercial begins with different social media posts of racists tweeting/posting comments telling African Americans to “Go Back to Africa”. This is a common statement that non-black people use to divide and denounce the integration of Blacks in America, even though blacks were forced here by Europeans during the slave trade. This movement reclaims the phrase “Go Back to Africa” and makes it positive by shining a light on how beautiful visiting Africa truly is. 

Objective: They are changing the narrative of Going back to Africa by showing black people enjoying their time there. This will eliminate some stereotypes around African that America has created and will result in more visitors. 

Target Market: African Americans

Action: They want viewers to look further into exploring their site and visiting Africa.

Value Proposition: Learning more about things to do in Africa will inform people on the beauty of the country and make them want to take a life-change trip. (Which I did)

Title: Cleaner of Your Dreams

Company: Mr. Clean

Description: This commercial was only 30 seconds, so it showed the Mr. Clean products early and often to get the point across. The female main character is dreaming on Mr. Clean cleaning the house when it is actually her less attractive husband. They use humor by making the Mr. Clean character dance around the house while cleaning and attraction by giving him sex appeal. The ad ends by saying the slogan “You gotta love a man that cleans”. 

Objective: The objective is to sell more Mr. Clean by making cleaning look fun and easy. 

Target Market: Adults, mostly women

Action: The ad wants viewers to buy more Mr. Clean which is measurable. 

Value Proposition: Buying Mr. Clean will help you with a better clean for your house and help you have fun while doing it.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Campaign Analysis (TV)

  1. Ryan:

    The set of ads you chose are inspirational and show that many companies have a purpose beyond selling projects and services. The message that we can dream and achieve our goals is a powerful one and is universal, no matter your background. When companies position themselves and their products and services in this way, they reach a much larger audience. The Mr. Clean ad is a bit of a surprise in this set, but it was funny! Your analysis is clear and concise while including all the pertinent information. Good job!



  2. Ryan,

    I like all of the ads you chose. Most of them spoke volumes and dealt with different issues in the world without fear. I find it inspirational when companies choose to acknowledge the happenings in the world instead of turning a blind eye or ignoring it. The Gillette ad really stood out to me, this is one I have never seen and I like the inclusion the ad uses.



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