Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)

Company/ Title: SANCCOB: Save the Penguin

Description: This ad features a number of penguins kissing and some falling head first towards the bottom. The graphic designer was intentional in his shapes and colors. The black and white themed patterns are captivating and peaceful symbolizing yin and yang. The penguins also create heart shapes to symbolize love. It uses emotional triggers and is plain yet effective.

Objective: The goal of this ad is to emotionally appeal to the viewers heart and fight for the endangered African penguin. 

Target Market: Anyone who cares about animals.

Action: They give a link to adopt a penguin and support SANCCOB.

Value Proposition: Adopting a penguin and donating could potentially help the endangered species and save its life. This will give the donor satisfaction.

Company/ Title: French Ministry of Health: Children Obesity

Description: This ad pictures an icecream cone with a flabby stomach in place of the ice cream. It looks like ice cream but it represents the stomach of an obese person. At the bottom, it says “Obesity starts at a young age” in French. It uses bright colors to relay a serious matter to kids and parents.

Objective: The cause for this ad is to prevent the spread of obesity, especially in children. 

Target Market: Mainly parents with younger children

Action: It’s purpose serves to inform.

Value Proposition: The benefits a parent will get will be happier and healthier children.

Company/ Title: Ecovia: Stop the Violence

Description: The ad uses body art and features a man taking a punch to the face by another man. There is a car drawn on the fist and the man’s face to resemble the action of a car crash. The car on the man’s face is taking the harder blow than the truck on the man’s hand.

Objective: The main objective is to send the message that drinking and driving is dangerous and can yield violence

Target Market: Anyone who drives

Action: There is no true call to action other than informing people the drinking and driving is wrong.

Value Proposition: The value prop of not driving under the influence is keep you and other safe on the road.

Company/ Title: Jeep Advertising Agency: See What You Want to See

Description: This ad has the Jeep logo followed by “See Whatever you want to see” at the top and bottom. It features an illustration of a deer, and if you turn it upside down it resembles a penguin.

Objective: This ad is very abstract but I believe it shows how Jeeps can drive in many different areas. Deers and penguins don’t live in similar habitats but Jeeps are functional enough to drive in both. It also can hit on how customizable Jeeps are, allowing a Jeep owner to alter their car to their liking.

Target Market: Car buyers, people who enjoy wildlife

Action: Buy a Jeep

Value Proposition: If you buy a jeep, you can take it anywhere and change the car to fit your liking.

Company/ Title: Pedigree: A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt

Description: This ad features two images: one with a man looking down on the beach and the other is the exact same image with him looking down at a dog. In the first image, the man appears sad and lonely. Although nothing has changed about him in the second image, he is not lonely and appears to be looking intensely at the dog. The second image also has the words “A dog makes your life happier. Adopt.” over the man’s head. It is a very simple and straightforward ad.

Objective: The objective is to hit on the viewers emotions to get them to want a pet.

Target Market: People who like animals/dogs and are thinking of getting a pet

Action: The call to action is simply stated: “Adopt.” from Pedigree

Value Proposition: The value proposition the customer will get from adopting a pet is happiness and a friend.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Great analysis and it seems like we have some overlap in our choices. Have you found these assignments oddly challenging? I have struggled with writing about advertising, which is driven by emotional response, in a scholarly format. I feel like the assignment as directed is just missing something, but maybe that’s just me. Again, good analysis. Something in the Jeep ad to consider is the ongoing joke that Jeep’s flip quite easily. So using an ad that looks different upside-down may have been an inside joke as well.

    Brian G.


  2. Hey Ryan,

    I enjoyed your newsprint analysis. I like how a handful of the newsprints bring awareness to safety and health issues that should be addressed. The emotional techniques in this advertisement seem to have some sympathy, education, joy, and threat.


    Stokes Warren


  3. Hey Ryan,

    I really enjoyed viewing these. I like how you included the Jeep deer/penguin ad. I saw it quite a lot in my research for this assignment but never really understood it… I thought it was a giraffe and I am not sure why. I understand it now after reading your analysis and think it makes sense, although I agree it is very abstract. I also really love the simplicity of the penguin ad and how it speaks volumes even in such a simple black and white image.



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