Marketing Campaign Analysis (Magazine)

Title: Just Do It

Company: Nike

Description: The ad features a little boy in a third world country peeing on a wall alongside a stray dog. The boy is clearly in an impoverished community based off the dirty sidewalk and him having no shoes or shirt. The wall has the nike logo and says “Just Do It”. This ad uses humor because the boy is clearly not supposed to be peeing where he is and the wall is ironically telling to do it.

Objective: The goal of this ad is to spread brand awareness. It also makes Nike appeal to people on any parts of the globe

Target Market: Anyone, specifically young people

Action: The action is to “just do it” and buy Nike products.

Value Proposition: Nike is valuable because it adheres to anyone, any age in any place.

Title: Whoops!

Company: Glamwash

Description: The ad shows bright colors that captivate your attention. It displays spilled nail polish and the word “Whoops!” to show it was an accident. They are advertising a laundry detergent that states it’s “designed to get out stubborn makeup stains”. It is super simple and has a coupon at the bottom.

Objective: The objective is to build awareness and attract new customers. 

Target Market: Adult Women

Action: The coupon is attached to the bottom to allow customers to cut it out and get a discount.

Value Proposition: This wash helps get tough stains, like makeup stains, off of clothes. Something that some washes can’t do well.

Title: Chaos vs. Order

Company: Palm

Description: The ad shows chaos and a person writing reminders on his actual palm on one side, and the Palm smartphone on the other. It shows that the palm product can house all reminders in a controlled way to “Organize your life”. The ad is very simple and shows the different colors the product comes in at the bottom. 

Objective: The goal of this ad is to spread awareness and sell more phones.

Target Market: All adults with things to do.

Action: No specific call to action, but the ad wants the viewer to research the brand and order the device.

Value Proposition: The products give each user convenience and order if they get the product.

Title: Superstars

Company: McDonalds

Description: This is clearly an older ad by the graphic and marketing technique used. It features a Big Mac, fries and an excerpt about their service. The excerpt explains how the company can feed customers at any time in a fast manner. They even mention getting an Egg McMuffin in the morning. More words on ads were more prevalent in ads from the past.

Objective: McDonalds is keeping their business at the top of consumer’s mind and reminding them of their main “Superstar” products. This objective is measurable by seeing the product sales.

Target Market: Sports fans

Action: Urging consumers to “Get up and get away” to a nearby McDonalds. 

Value Proposition: Eating at Mcdonalds is convenient and will cure hunger with their tasty products.

Title: Shhh

Company: JBL

Description: The ad features cartoon characters of ex-US leader Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un screaming into a man’s ear and him not being affected. This isn’t only making a political statement, but it is also using humor to show how powerful the noise-cancelling earphones are.

Objective: Goal is to show how powerful the earphones are and to sell more products. This objective is obtainable and measurable.

Target Market: Adults in any country

Action: But JBL headphones

Value Proposition: The ad specifically highlights the products attributes which is its noise-cancellation feature.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Magazine)

  1. Hi Ryan,

    The ad analysis of the palm smartphone really stood out to me. I have a smartphone and a planner and a notebook that I keep in my purse… but I still find myself writing things on my hand on occasion to remember it later. The ad really is the embodiment of Chaos vs Order and I found it humorous. Although I do wonder how the palm device compares to other smartphones in the market?

    I really enjoyed these analyses!
    Victoria Price


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