Marketing Campaign Analysis (Outdoor)

Title: Belt up

Company: Look

Description: This is a graphic 3D billboard ad that is attached to a slingshot. It shows a man sitting in the back seat with the words “The back seat is no safer. Buckle up.”. This slingshot represents what can happen if a backseat passenger is not wearing his/her seatbelt.

Objective: The objective is to build seat belt awareness and make sure drivers and riders are safe. This ad’s impact would be hard to measure.

Target Market: Every passenger in a car

Action: The ad tells passengers to “Belt Up”.

Value Proposition: If people adhere to the ad, it will lessen the chance and severity of injury in a car accident.

Title: The Wildest Place on Earth

Company: Copenhagen Zoo

Description: The ad shows a snake constricting a bus. The detail is so good it appears to be actually remolding the bus. The visual element is definitely captivating, using bright colors, and unique. It also says the “Wildest Place of Earth” which goes well with its wild design.

Objective: The goal of the ad is to attract the attention of the zoo and yield more visitors. This objective is measurable and attainable.

Target Market: Kids and adults

Action: The ad wants the ad wants the viewer to visit the zoo and witness the wild animals they house in person.

Value Proposition: Visiting the zoo will provide people entertainment and the opportunity to learn about animals.

Title: Cigarette

Company: Quit Plan

Description: The billboard is simple and only says “”. The words are big and bold making it easy to view. The visual is unique because it uses a cigarette to hold the sign up. 

Objective: The main goal of the ad is to promote cigarette awareness and to help get people off of them. The service provides tools and consultations to help quit smoking.

Target Market: Vape and cigarette smokers

Action: The ad wants viewers to visit

Value Proposition: Their services can help smokers quit their nasty addiction which will help their long term health.

Title: Smarter Ideas

Company: IBM

Description: This marketing campaign features functional things that people can use in a city. It states “Starter Ideas for Smarter Cities”. One example features a bench, another acts as a rain shed and I saw another used as a wheelchair ramp. It also gives a website link where people can share pictures and their experience with the ad on social media. 

Objective: This campaign shows the creativity and innovativeness of IM, two assets the pride themselves of. It’s main objective is to spread awareness of the company.

Target Market: Adults, specifically young ones.

Action: The ad wants users to share them using the ad online.

Value Proposition: IBM products are innovative and their technologies make life easier.

Title: Probably the best Poster in the World 

Company: Carlsberg

Description: This post states it’sProbably the best Poster in the World” and it may be. It takes the visual component of a traditional billboard and makes it a physical experience. The poster features a beer stand attached to it and allows people to try the brand as they please for free. 

Objective: This type of free trial advertising is good for a company. People may never forget the time they stood in line to get beer from a poster. The objective is to let people experience they’re brand and attract new customers.

Target Market: Alcohol drinkers above the age 21

Action: The ad wants people to try their beer and eventually become a customer in the future.

Value Proposition: This ad drives customers to try their product and have a unique experience with peers. It makes their brand seem fun and appear as if they care about the consumer.

One thought on “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Outdoor)

  1. Ryan,

    Seatbelt ads are some that always stand out to me. I had a coach when I was young who was thrown out a windshield when she wasn’t buckled in the backseat. Thankfully she was and is okay, but ever since these ads always hold a more impactful meaning to me. I really love the IBM Smarter Cities ads, they are a useful and effective marketing tool that helps to make the city a better place. I think that style of marketing is a great idea.



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