Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)

Company/ Title: SANCCOB: Save the Penguin Description: This ad features a number of penguins kissing and some falling head first towards the bottom. The graphic designer was intentional in his shapes and colors. The black and white themed patterns are captivating and peaceful symbolizing yin and yang. The penguins also create heart shapes to symbolizeContinue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)”

Situation Analysis (UBER)

PEST Analysis: SWOT Analysis: I chose to study and analyze Uber for my Situation Analysis this semester. Hope you all enjoy!

Innovation Killers: Processes that support Innovation

I will discuss some processes that support innovation and doesn’t sabotage it like some numerical tool can if used incorrectly. Processes that Support Innovation (Blog 7) I found this book helpful because it highlights flaws of pre-existing analytical methods and reflect on ways to evaluate projects in a better way. The authors felt that aContinue reading “Innovation Killers: Processes that support Innovation”

Innovation Killers: EPS

I will dive into the concept of Earnings per Share and how relying on it can hurt innovation. EPS (Blog 5) EPS stands for Earnings per share, and it is different than the other two financial tools (NPV and sunk costs) because it isn’t used to valuate a decision. It is a measure of howContinue reading “Innovation Killers: EPS”


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