Marketing Campaign Analysis (Outdoor)

Title: Belt up Company: Look Description: This is a graphic 3D billboard ad that is attached to a slingshot. It shows a man sitting in the back seat with the words “The back seat is no safer. Buckle up.”. This slingshot represents what can happen if a backseat passenger is not wearing his/her seatbelt. Objective:Continue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Outdoor)”

Marketing Campaign Analysis (Magazine)

Title: Just Do It Company: Nike Description: The ad features a little boy in a third world country peeing on a wall alongside a stray dog. The boy is clearly in an impoverished community based off the dirty sidewalk and him having no shoes or shirt. The wall has the nike logo and says “JustContinue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Magazine)”

Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)

Company/ Title: SANCCOB: Save the Penguin Description: This ad features a number of penguins kissing and some falling head first towards the bottom. The graphic designer was intentional in his shapes and colors. The black and white themed patterns are captivating and peaceful symbolizing yin and yang. The penguins also create heart shapes to symbolizeContinue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Newsprint)”

Marketing Campaign Analysis (TV)

Title: Dream Crazy Company: Nike Description: This is by far one of my favorite commercials of all time and I remember the day it was released. It is narrated by Colin Kaepernick which was a statement back in 2018 alone. The ad shows athletes who defied odds by having disabilities or having a rough childhoodContinue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (TV)”

Marketing Campaign Analysis (Radio)

Title: Her Man Can Do It Company: Hermann Services Description: This radio uses humor and a play on words to promoter Herrmann Service. It features a woman, Audrey, and a narrator who continuously says “her man” can fix problems around the house instead of Herrmann. When she tries to correct the narrator and state herContinue reading “Marketing Campaign Analysis (Radio)”

Innovation Killers: Processes that support Innovation

I will discuss some processes that support innovation and doesn’t sabotage it like some numerical tool can if used incorrectly. Processes that Support Innovation (Blog 7) I found this book helpful because it highlights flaws of pre-existing analytical methods and reflect on ways to evaluate projects in a better way. The authors felt that aContinue reading “Innovation Killers: Processes that support Innovation”

Innovation Killers: Real World Examples

I will apply real world application to the problems with NPV, sunk cost and EPS that I mentioned in my last blogs. I want to focus on two companies that I have studied in my past: Toys R US and Berkshire Hathaway. Real World Applications of Valuating Innovations and EPS (Blog 6) 1. Toys RContinue reading “Innovation Killers: Real World Examples”

Innovation Killers: Fixed/Sunk Costs

I will be discussing the concepts of these costs and how they can hurt innovation. Fixed/Sunk Costs (Blog 4) Fixed and sunk costs dive deeper into configuring a DCF model and getting cash flows. Cash flows are benefits minus costs. There are several different costs that go into a decision, so valuating them the rightContinue reading “Innovation Killers: Fixed/Sunk Costs”